DNN Event Calendar

We have aimed to create the ultimate DNN Event Calendar that will allow any DNN site to create events and receive instant payment! 

This is the most feature rich DNN Event Calendar module available, but we are not stopping there we have a head full of ideas and our future development is listed below, we encourage feature requests, so if there is a feature you would like to see added please contact us:

 Road Map - Release 3.14.0:

  • Create a setting so wait listed bookings are automatically transferred into a "real" booking when a space becomes available e.g. cancellations etc.
  • Create promotions module wide and category specific. e.g. offer 20% of everything in "music" category or 10% off every event in the system.
  • Allow users to sign up to a newsletter that will be sent out at admin defined intervals containing the latest upcoming events.
  • Allow events to be marked as RFQ , this will allow a user to submit interest in these events and then admin can contact with a price to attend.

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